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"Marriage is not a vending machine, and love is not two quarters to put into it. It's a manner of life, not an exchange of commodities. So what does it look like when a man loves a woman?" Douglas Wilson answers that question in "How To Exasperate Your Wife and Other Short Essays for Men," and his responses are as wide-ranging and humorous as they are incisive and down to earth. Douglas explains why men's distorted view of wisdom handicaps their understanding of their wives, and he exposes rigid (and wrong) approaches to marriage and relationships. He gives practical advice for identifying unhappy households (Mom is ignored) and replacing abdicating dads with true leaders ("Measure strength not in decibels but in performance"), all combined with hot tips on how to exasperate your wife (you may start with leopard underwear...). Both realistic and insightful, "How to Exasperate Your Wife and Other Short Essays for Men" points husbands (and wives) towards a passionate married love that is particular, sacrificial, sacramental, and muy caliente.

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ISBN: 9781591281801
ISBN-10: 1591281806
Publisher: Canon Press
Publication Date: February 10th, 2015
Pages: 106
Language: English