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Crow Medicine opens under the impending threat of West Nile virus. Jane's favourite animals at the Urban Wildlife Rescue Centre (UWRC) are the juvenile crows, mischievous tricksters with blue-black feathers and an appetite for all that sparkles. But the inexplicable deaths of crows in the city, public fear and media frenzy culminate with the UWRC's policy to euthanize all crows admitted in order to protect staff and volunteers from the deadly disease. Torn between her love for the crows and her loyalty to the Centre, Jane sets out on a quest to bring a controversial vaccine back over the Rocky Mountains-in time, she hopes, to save the birds. Crow Medicine features natural history, facts about the West Nile virus and Native mythology within the context of an action-packed adventure.

About the Author

Author and animal activist Diane Haynes was a nominee for Canada's National Magazine Award (freelance writing). She wrote the "Animal Instinct" column for BurnabyNOW in British Columbia, and was the founder of the Haynes Scholarship for the Advancement of Animal Welfare at the University of British Columbia. Diane has been teaching yoga since 2015, and she specializes in the Hatha, Vinyasa flow and restorative styles of yoga. She lives and teaches in New Westminster, BC.

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ISBN: 9781552858066
ISBN-10: 1552858065
Publisher: Walrus Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2006
Pages: 352
Language: English
Series: Jane Ray's Wildlife Rescue