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In Your Hands (MP3 CD)

In Your Hands Cover Image
By Ines Pedrosa, Andrea Rosenberg (Translator), Rebecca Mozo (Read by)
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An internationally acclaimed, award-winning novel spanning three generations of women united in their struggle for independence and fulfillment against oppression.

Told from three different perspectives, this sweeping saga begins in 1935 Portugal, in the grip of Salazar's authoritarian regime, where upper-class Jenny enters into an uncommon marriage with the beguiling Ant nio. Keeping up appearances, they host salons for the political and cultural elite. In private, Jenny, Ant nio, and his lover, Pedro, share a guarded triangle, build a profound relationship, and together raise a daughter born under the auspices of rebellion.

Thirty years later, their daughter, Camila, a photojournalist who has captured the revolutionary fervor and tragic loss of her family--and country--reminisces about a long-lost love in Southeast Africa. This memory shapes the future of her daughter, Nat lia, a successful architect, who begins an impassioned quest of her own. As she navigates Portugal's complex past, Nat lia will discover herself in the two women whose mysteries and intimate intrigues have come to define her.

Through revealing journals, snapshots of a turbulent era, and private letters, the lives of three generations of women unfold, embracing all that has separated them and all that binds them--their strength, their secrets, and their search for love through the currents of change.

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ISBN: 9781543685978
ISBN-10: 1543685978
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: October 16th, 2018
Language: English