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This story is a novella that was initially published in the Christmas edition of Household Words magazine of 1958. This is a collection of several stories from various authors who are each assigned a chapter of their own. These collections of short stories were then edited by Charles Dickens and published in his magazine. Each chapter uses their own distinct methods of storytelling and it gives the audiobook that much needed diversity as a story that is told from several point of views. The main plot of the novella centers on Sophonisba, an old woman who lives opposite the House of Let. The House of Let is an old house that has been abandoned for years. One day, she saw signs of life within the House of Let. Curious as to whom or what may have caused this, she asked Jabez Jarber, an elderly admirer of her as well as her servant, Trottle to find out what exactly is happening inside the House of Let. The story would then move on from one character to another as the mystery behind the dilapidated old house unravels and all question are answered. The House of Let is an interesting listen for its story construction as well as the narrator. Ruth Golding knows what and when to do changes in her voice work to enhance the atmosphere of the story. A House of Let is a seriously underrated novella that captures the mystery and humor of a fabulous story of bygone days.

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