Beyond Sex Ed: Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections By Tabitha Moriarty, Diane Yancey Cover Image
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"So much has happened in the years since AIDS first emerged. Whereas once an HIV diagnosis was a death sentence, today patients can live long and full lives. But . . . AIDS] remains a highly stigmatized disease. Remnants of discrimination can be seen everywhere, from the testing of health care workers and segregation of prisoners to travel restrictions and criminalization."--Professor Lawrence Gostlin, Georgetown University

People between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four account for almost half of more than twenty million new sexually transmitted infections reported in the United States each year. Despite how common these infections are, recognizing them, getting proper treatment, and talking about them with sexual partners, friends, and parents or guardians can be difficult or uncomfortable.

Educating people about STIs has always been difficult. However, with proper testing and treatment, all STIs are manageable, and most are curable too. Understanding STIs is the first step to managing them.

This detailed guide explains the transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for common STIs such as chlamydia, HIV and AIDS, and herpes. It also outlines risk reduction practices to avoid contracting or spreading STIs and provides strategies for people living with chronic infections.

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Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
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