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The story revolves around a tragic character - Kimani Muwinda, later named Robert Hunite, who gets separated from his mother at a tender age after losing his father. By some strange twist, he finds himself in Nanyuki town and settles at the foot of Mt. Kirinyaga. At the height of loneliness, he adopts two dogs from which the pack grows to twenty dogs. In order to survive, he ventures into hunting, aided by his dogs. He distinguishes himself as a successful hunter, a philanthropist and a man of faith.
Things take a different turn when one night he gets a divine visitation. Like the biblical Jonah, he is commissioned to go to preach to the residents of Nyasumu City. With a heavy heart, he abandons his beloved dogs and embarks on the journey. Barely five hours after his arrival, he loses his luggage and in that moment of desperation, comes face to face with the forces of darkness. His unwavering faith is shaken to the core, Will he overcome and fulfil the divine assignment?

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ISBN: 9781528935876
ISBN-10: 152893587X
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: October 29th, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English