Power of texting Women: : How to use the perfect words and phrases to captivate women By Fillmore Slim Cover Image
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Text messaging has been here with us long enough for everyone to understand its benefits, but the problem is that most men do not take it very seriously when it comes to texting women when they want to court them. "Power of texting Women - How to use the perfect words and phrases to captivate women" is a great guide that men who do not have the guts to approach women face to face can use, and even perform better than it could have been to convince the women verbally. The book starts by showing you the tricks of acquiring the main tool that will enable you to link with her, which is her phone number. Men get jitters when they set to ask for a lady's number, but that will be a forgotten past when you get this eBook and follow the texting guidelines. Learn how to initialize a conversation, the timing of your texts and the things to avoid that may affect the process of your conversation. Texting is fun and you will learn how to make the texting sessions lively, up to the point where you will set your first date and tell the lovely what pulls you to her, to see if you can grove and be a couple.

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ISBN: 9781515182221
ISBN-10: 1515182223
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 21st, 2015
Pages: 76
Language: English