Dubai, 1 City 2 Different Tales: Chilling true short story collections set in the Middle East tell the dazzling city's beastly wicked side. Cover Image
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You will instantly be taken to the other side of the world because this book offers an extraordinary glimpse into unjust, cruelty and suffering in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. These factual short story collections allow you to witness the torment, sexual assault, bizarre murders, abandoned babies and life in the Middle East, besides unusual and humorous ones. The narratives you are going to read gives you a rare chance to see how each compelling true story unfolds. I compiled these incredible accounts for 31/2 years while living there with my spouse. I'm passionate about sharing this insight as nothing is what it pretends to be in Dubai, the city of gold. For you, I'm confident you will be horrified and can take away how lucky you are to have what you have and to live where you do. Never before has anyone had access to reveal so many inside secrets. Tap into the Middle East on the other side of the world to take a look Torture: A 45-year-old Emirati woman is on trial for torturing her maids. She beat them regularly, forced them to drink bleach and locked them in a bathroom. She even made the two of them strip naked so she could take pictures then threaten to publish them. This abuse became known when..... Dubai Housemaid Sentenced to Death, by Firing Squad? This brutal murder happened in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. A 23-year-old worked for an Emirati family for just ten days before she brutally murdered her female boss, by stabbing her 117 times. The maid was cutting vegetables in the kitchen when.... Abused Wife Loses Baby: A 30-year-old Moroccan expat filed for a divorce from her wicked husband after she says he abused her so badly that she miscarried. She explained that just six days after they married he beat her, disfigured her face, and she required surgery. After the first attack.... Assaulted by In-Laws Makes Woman Lose Baby: An Arab woman from the Middle East is assaulted by her husband's mother, three of his brothers and a sister. This resulted in her suffering a miscarriage. The couple was married for 3 years and had two children together. They lived with the husband's family. The wife was ordered by the husband and his family to do all the housework including, looking after her husband's two young brothers who had special needs. The woman is 3-months pregnant with the couple's third child when.... Looking for Lost Spouse to Free a Mom and Baby: A 25-year-old Filipina woman and her newborn baby are in a Dubai prison for 1 year. After giving birth, the woman could not produce her marriage certificate so she is reported to the police by the hospital staff. The woman claims.... Man Bites Nurse's Face: A Jordanian woman was attacked by a Pakistani man who stole her cell phone. The attack happened near her home in Dubai. The nurse was getting out of a taxi when a masked man grabbed her from the back. She tried to pull his mask off, and this.... Air Hose Backfires: A 29-year-old Bangladeshi janitor injured his 26-year-old Indian friend when he put an air hose into his rear-end and turned it on. The janitor said.... Scarred by Cooking Oil: Two Asian laborers got into a squabble. One roommate refused to turn on the air-conditioner, so the other one threw hot cooking oil in his face. The two shared a room at a labor camp near the construction site where they worked. They could not.... Woman Driver with Violations Reaching $252,654: A 28-year-old Arab housewife from the Middle East thought she was invincible. The woman's name popped up when the police did a computer sweep of unlicensed drivers. She had 1,551 unpaid fines and according to the police....

About the Author

Northern Empress is born and raised in Minnesota and concluded her education there. She is married to an airline captain and was a former flight attendant. They lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 31/2 years. Further residing in Shenzhen, China for slightly over 2 years while her spouse worked for an airline. This novel is her first significant launch in writing and was in the works for many months. She has however written for travel forums with a mass of individuals reading her advice. Northern Empress and her spouse has traveled the world extensively having spent a lot of time on all the continents except for two. She has many adventures in these diverse countries. Her desire is to share what she saw and experienced in the Middle East.

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