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Traditional U.S. doctrine on the use of force is inadequate to address the unique circumstances surrounding humanitarian interventions. Without specific doctrine to guide decision makers, it is too easy to make errors and hasty judgments that can cost the lives and treasure of both our citizens and people around the world. The United States must develop doctrine to guide decisions on the proper use of military force for humanitarian intervention prior to facing a crisis.NATO's Operation ALLIED FORCE serves as an informative case study to evaluate issues of sovereignty and the ethical responsibility of the international community to safeguard the lives of people around the world. The Responsibility to Protect doctrine provides a framework for the decision making process. According to the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, developed nations are justified in intervening in foreign nations when a government violates the human rights of its citizens. The question is not whether intervention is justifiable but rather when, how, and under what conditions a nation may violate the territory of another nation.

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