The Holy Odu: A Collection of verses from the 256 Ifa Odu with Commentary Cover Image
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The Holy Odu is a collection of Odus from the Ifa Literary Corpus . These sacred teachings have been passed down orally for thousands of years only to be first written about in the 20th century. This collection contains a small sampling of the entire corpus with 2 ese ( verses) for each of the 16 major Odus and 1 ese ( verse) for each of the minor Odu. This collection is enhanced by practical commentary for contemplation and interpretation for each of the 256 odu. Awo Fategbe' further expands this book by offering several chapters on Yoruba Theology and the Interpretation of the verses. Iyanifa Fayele' Faseguntunde offers an introduction on African philosophical thought.

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Publication Date: February 25th, 2015
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