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By Emily Foster (Read by), Suzy Zail
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A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz, desperate to save her family, is chosen to play at the camp commandant's house. How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boy?

"Look after each other...and get home safe. And when you do, tell everyone what you saw and what they did to us."

These are Hanna's father's parting words to her and her sister when their family is separated at the gates of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Her father's words--and a black C-sharp piano key hidden away in the folds of her dress--are all that she has left to remind her of life before. Before, Hanna was going to be a famous concert pianist. She was going to wear her yellow dress to a dance. And she was going to dance with a boy. But then the Nazis came. Now it is up to Hanna to do all she can to keep her mother and sister alive, even if that means playing piano for the commandant and his guests. Staying alive isn't supposed to include falling in love with the commandant's son. But Karl Jager is beautiful, and his aloofness belies a secret. And war makes you do dangerous things.

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ISBN: 9781491530672
ISBN-10: 1491530677
Publisher: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: October 14th, 2014
Language: English