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As I considered the doctoral program at North Carolina A&T State University, I was advised that I needed to find something that I was passionate about. In searching for that passion I realize my daughter, as compared to my son, is at a disadvantage in business simply because of her gender, i.e. simply because she is a woman. Being passionate about both my daughter and my son's future, my daughter being disadvantaged simply because of her gender, of course does not sit well with me. Thus, I'm pursuing women in leadership for my doctoral studies in an effort to possibly have influence on the current state of affairs for not only my daughter, but for women in business overall. In doing so, I have chosen the woman's limited presence in the corporate boardroom as an area of focus for my dissertation path. Additionally I would like to note that I wish to leverage all of the great insight that I continuously gain from NC A&T and my wonderful colleagues, both there and elsewhere, as well as my own oblivious to obvious evolving, to effect positive change, and particularly in corporate America, and ideally to include the corporate boardroom. Though I started this doctoral program with a passion to make a better world for my daughter, as I learn more, the more I realize the need and challenge transcend her to a higher, more ethical, more moral place. As I look around at all of the wonderful people that I have met on my journey over the last several years, and as I look to my wonderful friends, some who I've known for so long that I do not remember not knowing them, I am passionate about giving a return on the wonderful friendship that I have been blessed with by saying something to affect positive change, and saying something that only a man who better sees can articulate. In reviewing the literature as I consider my dissertation topic, I find diversity is often measured by the presence of White women and Black men with everyone else other than the White man being aftert.

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