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On October 12, 2003, five US embedded tactical trainers (ETTs) working with the fledgling Afghan National Army, are ambushed at a derelict former Soviet tank park called "the Bone Yard" by militia of a local warlord. Outnumber 10 to 1, the US soldiers must clover around their vehicles--except for their commander, LTC Tom Brewer, who is cut off from them, and wounded--and fight it out until help arrives over an hour later. The Bone Yard gives an example of combat in the early years of the Afghanistan War.

About the Author

The Bone Yard is the first book in the Afghanistan War series by James F. Christ. Morghab Canyon is the second. Followed by Kamdesh, Landigal, Shudergay, Tsangar, Yakah Chinah, Hell is the Korengal.

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ISBN: 9781463787899
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Publication Date: December 21st, 2013
Pages: 118
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