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The Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics addresses fundamental issues that are not discussed in most books on quantum mechanics. This book focuses on analyzing the underlying principles of quantum mechanics and explaining the conceptual and theoretical underpinning of quantum mechanics. In particular, the concepts of quantum indeterminacy, quantum measurement and quantum superposition are analyzed to clarify the concepts that are implicit in the formulation of quantum mechanics.
The Schrodinger equation is never solved in the book. Rather, the discussion on the fundamentals of quantum mechanics is treated in a rigorous manner based on the mathematics of quantum mechanics. The new concept of the interplay of empirical and trans-empirical constructs in quantum mechanics is introduced to clarify the foundations of quantum mechanics and to explain the counter-intuitive construction of nature in quantum mechanics.
The Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics is aimed at the advanced undergraduate and assumes introductory knowledge of quantum mechanics. Its objective is to provide a solid foundation for the reader to reach a deeper understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics.

About the Author

Professor Baaquie's main research is in the study and the application of the mathematical methods of quantum field theory. He has applied the methods and mathematical formalism of field theory to finance, and has been a major contributor to the emerging field of quantum finance, having written two pioneering books on the subject. His future research is to develop the formalism of quantum finance and apply it to the pricing, portfolio theory, and hedging of interest rate derivatives, and to the study of equity, foreign exchange, and commodities. He is also applying the methodology of statistical mechanics and quantum field theory to the study of micro and macroeconomics.

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