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By Justin Derry (Editor), Martin Parrot (Editor)
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The Everyday: Experiences, Concepts and Narratives is an inter-disciplinary and multi-discursive book problematizing the slippery notion of 'Everyday Life'. This book contributes to a tradition of 20th century scholarly work focusing on everyday life that attends to the various ways the quotidian aspects of our day-to-day reality become knotted into various narratives and concepts. The depth and breadth of the chapters complied here aim to figure or approximate an everyday life that is irreducible to any one academic tradition or school of thought, and in fact promotes a specificity and attention to a multiplicity of discursive and epistemological archives. In problematizing and unsettling non-reflexive notions of everyday life, The Everyday: Experiences, Concepts & Narratives provides a space for critical dialogue questioning and exploring the unique ways discourses are related to each other and inform specific cultural narratives. With inter-disciplinary contributions from the fields of art history, cultural studies, critical theory, anthropology, eco-criticism and cultural history, this book not only engages with many debates and understandings of everyday life, but testifies to everyday life's operative-and yet often unheard-presence in the many ways scholars raise questions, and articulate arguments in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

About the Author

Martin Parrot is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Humanities at York University. His research focuses on the cultural history of everyday life as well as the study of subjectivity, culture and epistemology in mid to late 20th century French history and philosophy. His dissertation is on everyday life in 20th century Quebecois culture with a particular focus on spatiality, cinema and politics. He is currently producing and scripting a documentary film on the social life of micro-breweries in Quebec. Justin Derry is a PhD candidate in the Department of Humanities at York University. His current research interests include the Ecological Humanities, ecological realism and materialism, as well as disease and illness.

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ISBN: 9781443847674
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Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2013
Pages: 265
Language: English