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God's strength can win back your freedom, your life, and bring you everyday peace. Full of biblical and theological truths, Kirby Kelly encourages and empowers us to end addiction of sin through the practical and authentic battle advice of God's Word. Overcome recurring sin, break generational habits and cycles, and win back your life through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Tired of the same cycle over and over again? Of the endless spirals of self-destructive sin? In You Can Be Free, discover a real-life battle plan to break the spiritual bondage of habitual sin.

You're not alone. So many Christians are desperate to find a way to overcome recurring sin in their lives, a dominating factor when it comes to coping mechanisms in today's society. Kirby Kelly has been there, and she's created a battle plan to help others break free from unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and cycles to find God's actual peace in their lives.

Leading from the front, Kelly offers her own story first and shares biblical strategies to:

  • Connect and confess
  • Stay in bounds
  • Know your enemy
  • Know your God
  • Know yourself
  • Set your green and red light zones
  • Turn around and come home
  • Makeover your mind

Kirby Kelly offers practical, tactical advice to the questions: How does one break, and stay, free? And how does one truly overcome what they thought they broke free from, only to see its disappointing return in their life? Through theology, hope, and God's guidance, there is a way to become vulnerable with your community, grow spiritually and personally, and welcome God's promise of freedom.

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ISBN: 9781400337743
ISBN-10: 1400337747
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: June 11th, 2024
Pages: 240
Language: English