In the Dead of Night: The Mystique of the Demonic Igbo Mask By Gerard Mehnobi Cover Image
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Certain things are better left undisturbed. A painful loss in the life of the wealthy and once-vibrant Joan Bedford subsequently severs her perception of the supernatural and belief in the Supreme Being. However, when she unwittingly comes to possess an ancient, mysterious, sinister, and diabolic West African mask, she will invite into her world an uncommon, unfamiliar, bone-chilling evil. Evil that is immensely unfamiliar to the Western world, in whose presence the most seasoned, experienced paranormal experts and psychics become inept, helpless, and powerless.

Ultimately, Joan will come to realize that in the supernatural realm, there exists an intricate hierarchy of expansive powerful and formidable entities whose method of operations defy conventional human understanding. And only the spiritually elevated few dare mount an efficacious challenge.

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ISBN: 9781098009571
ISBN-10: 1098009576
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 27th, 2019
Pages: 124
Language: English