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Scottish Rite Reflections is a stimulating way of looking at Scottish Rite Masonry in particular and Freemasonry in general. This book examines the history, legacies, traditions, philosophies, and experiences through the eyes of Masonic practitioners. The book uniquely addresses the question "what Scottish Rite Masonry means to me". The answer to the question is qualitatively described in articles, essays, poems, and interviews. The aforementioned sources are rich in historical and contemporary Scottish Rite discussions. In addition, the book tells stories about the various positive impacts of the Scottish Rite on the lives of individuals. Brotherhood, friends, leaders, and mentors are integral parts of the stories told. This impressive document will surely capture your attention and hopefully inspire you to raise questions about the Scottish Rite's mission and doctrine.

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ISBN: 9781008926462
ISBN-10: 1008926469
Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
Pages: 252
Language: English