Amir's First Haircut: The Ongoing Saga of Life's Lessons Through the Eyes of a Young Boy By Hope Syndreamz, Sky Owens Cover Image
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Hope Syndreamz is proud to release "Amir's First Haircut" the fourth English-printed book in Her Septology Saga focusing on life's lessons through the eyes of a young boy. Amir's first fast-approaching visit to the Barbershop is cloaked in a blanket of fright. Especially after some of his close classmates inform him of their horrific barbershop tales. However, after speaking with Daddie, he's given the confidence to face it like a young man. Nevertheless...when the smoke-of-worry clears, Amir realizes he hasn't seen his best friend, Geneva, in school for a long while. Geneva, unbeknownst to him, is battling against the awful symptoms, and visible wounds from Systemic Lupus, and sadly...she's not winning.

Amir's First Haircut visit seemingly walks over, takes a ticket, grabs a seat, and waits as he pushes the feelings and medical concerns of Geneva and her illness in front of the line. Geneva's health is more critical than any haircut. However, Amir's First Haircut is a must; subsequently, he chooses to combine the two issues to please his parents and to show support for his bestie, Geneva.

Amir's First Haircut shelters the morals of Support, Courage, and Friendship, all while educating the reader and listeners about the illness Systemic Lupus.

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ISBN: 9780996468497
ISBN-10: 0996468498
Publisher: Dumplinz Book Publishing
Publication Date: February 20th, 2019
Pages: 78
Language: English