Our Random Acts of Kindness By Lauren Riggs (Illustrator), Ethan Riggs (Illustrator), Phil Riggs Cover Image
By Lauren Riggs (Illustrator), Ethan Riggs (Illustrator), Phil Riggs
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If you are looking for a heart warming book to read, this is the book you will enjoy. Imagine a mother meeting the person who delivered a life saving liver to her daughter, even though they lived nearly 3000 km apart from each other. When a women is tired of the mental and physical abuse of her alcoholic husband, she travels from Boston to the mostly easterly city in North America, St. John's. Alone and destitute, she is taken in by a widow and her sons and cared for. A five year old girl, living in a small Labrador town, contracts tuberculosis, in the late 1950s. She is sent to a sanitarium to recover. She thinks she is going to a place to play in the 'sand' since the nickname for the institution is "The Sand." What she discovers is a far cry from what she had imagined. However, she receives kindness in a way unimaginable to her. Finally, a Santa is so caught up in delivering gifts to less fortunate children on Christmas Eve, that he forgets about time. Too late he realizes he didn't make it to the Sears catalogue outlet in time to pick up a special gift for his wife on Christmas Day. These are just a sample of the many stories that are in this book. Stories that have not been heard on social media before.

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ISBN: 9780995033825
ISBN-10: 099503382X
Publisher: 8-9950338-2-X
Publication Date: March 17th, 2021
Pages: 210
Language: English