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At 668 pages and 26 chapters, Managing Marketing in the 21st Century is about understanding how to develop market strategy and manage the marketing process. This is not a book that attempts to describe all there is to know about marketing; rather, the book focuses on what the prospective manager needs to know. Hence, Managing Marketing in the 21st Century differs from other senior undergraduate and introductory graduate-level marketing texts. We take a position on what we believe is a better or worse course of action for marketers. Marketing is an applied field, and we believe textbook writers should provide guidance for good marketing practice. In addition, we focus on the manager, not just the marketer. For readers committed to a career in marketing (and we hope there are many), Managing Marketing in the 21st Century will form a solid foundation as you study marketing further and deeper. But the vast majority of you will not work in marketing departments, and will instead become senior executives, general managers, CFOs, and CEOs. We write for you also, because an understanding and appreciation of marketing is central to virtually every important decision that managers make. Because this marketing course will be the only one many of you will take, in a sense, this book provides what every general manager and senior executive must know about marketing. Marketing activity lies at the core of leading and managing a business. Marketing provides the focus for interfacing with customers. Marketing is also the source of insight about the market, customers, competitors, complementors, and the business environment in general.

Managing Marketing in the 21st Century contains introductory chapter cases, many examples, Internet links to additional material, video/audio interviews, key ideas, marketing questions, and multiple choice and true/false questions and answers.

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