Kwanzaa in Hawaii Cover Image
By Ayin M. Adams, Kathryn Waddell Takara (Introduction by)
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Kwanzaa is a celebratory period of seven days from December 26 - January 1 that acknowledges spirit, the ancestors, and seven principles for living more harmoniously in a ritual that is popular with many African Americans. It celebrates certain values to be embraced by the community, the family, and the individual to help create better, more productive, and fulfilled lives. Although the African American community is small in the Hawaiian Islands, resident groups of African Americans and their friends and families gather together in a tradition to celebrate the 7 principles of Kwanzaa at the end of each year. The principles are: umoja, ujima, ujamaa, kujuchagulia, nia, kuumba, and imani. Dr. Ayin Adams has put together this delightfully creative and informative book to share the philosophical values, cultural poetry, recipes, and photographs of the unique beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and enhance the meaning, scope, depth, and intimate ritual of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa in Hawai i is a wonderful book for children and adults, for people of all races and cultures, genders and abilities, to encourage the conscious instillation of values to live by in order to strengthen one's personal and collective lives. A unique presentation The everlasting dream of the mother land of the ancestors, for most exist in virtual reality, as a scent, a rhythm, a beat, a song, a dance, and as a fascination. Without ever having put foot on Africa's soil Adams' voice rings the call of Mama Africa to love and worship her as her children living in the global Diaspora. Adams' poetry resonates all of this, in beautiful phrases and metaphors. Most of all, Adams captures the heritage - that special gift - expressed in simple words 'Hawaii, you see/ is Africa to me'. Adams articulates that there is acceptance wherever you live and that you carry your heritage and identity deep within you, always, as a treasure to cherish, and with pride and dignity.

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