The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism and Nudists: Everything You Need to Know About Nudism. (And why you should try it) Cover Image
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The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists tells you everything you need to know about nudism and nudists. It's crammed full of the information, facts, experiences and insider tips that you'll find invaluable if you want to discover this exotic, fashionable and fast-growing lifestyle including: * What genuine nudism is. And what it most definitely is not * Why you should become a nudist. How even occasional naturism enhances your health and how wearing clothing can seriously damage it * How to become a nudist. A step-by-step guide, including all the contact details you'll need. * Where to go nudist. Explore the exciting nudist world of exotic beaches, luxurious resorts, fabulous cruises and international friendship. * Full information on important topics such as nudism for singles, couples and families with children, nudism and the law, nudism and health, nudist etiquette, nudism and religion, nudist vacations and travel. And much, much more besides Whether you're an experienced nudist, a nudist "wannabe" looking for guidance, a holiday-maker looking for a vacation with a difference, a student of alternative lifestyles and therapies, a casual browser after a fascinating read or just someone trying to keep abreast of the latest trends in a fast moving world, this book is for you. So kick off your shoes, take the 'phone off the hook, and prepare to explore the amazing world of international nudism. OH. One last thing. Better turn up the heating. You might not want to put your shoes -- or much else -- back on again

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ISBN: 9780956231321
ISBN-10: 0956231322
Publisher: Wyeland Publishing
Publication Date: December 21st, 2015
Pages: 204
Language: English