War-Path and Bivouac or the Conquest of the Sioux: A Newspaper Reporter's Experiences of the Plains Indian War 1876-79 By John Frederick Finerty Cover Image
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A first hand account of the Indian Wars in the West

Those interested in the history of the Plains Indians Wars of the United States of America may well have heard of this book by John F. Finnerty, for it is an acknowledged classic of the period. Finnerty was one of that dauntless breed of newspaper correspondents who joined the army in the field to report these exciting episodes in the winning of the West at first hand. These courageous, professional writers, who of course exist to the present day, combine eye-witness experience with the ability to translate what they have seen expertly into words. In the old West-as today-the task cost some of them their lives. Finnerty reported for the Chicago Times newspaper and in 1876 he was dispatched to the western plains to witness the subjugation of the Sioux Indian tribe and their allies. He was to find himself present at some of the most notable events in the history of the period and within these pages the reader will be transported to the Battle of the Rosebud and the Sibley Scout. Finnerty's words give an immediacy to the Battle of the Little Big Horn, to Merritt's fight on the War Bonnet and the fight at Slim Buttes. Finnerty joined the army on campaign again in 1879 for the actions that finally broke the Sioux and brought Sitting Bull to captivity.
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