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All author royalties from the sale of this book are awarded to the Goldman Family. In 1994, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were brutally murdered at her home in Brentwood, California. O.J. Simpson was tried for the crime in a case that captured the attention of the American people, but he was ultimately acquitted of criminal charges. Twelve years later, HarperCollins announced the publication of a book in which O.J. Simpson revealed how he would have committed the murders—under the pretense that his confession was “hypothetical.” In response to public outrage that Simpson stood to profit from these crimes, HarperCollins canceled the book. Just one year later, Federal Court Judge A. Jay Cristol awarded the Goldman family the rights to If I Did It. Thus began one of the strangest odysseys in publishing history. Originally written by O.J. Simpson, the Goldmans published a new edition of the book in the fall of 2007, which included essays written by members of the Goldman family. The Goldman family views the book as his confession and has worked hard to ensure that the public will read this book and learn the truth.

About the Author

Fred and Kim Goldman are the father and sister of Ron Goldman, who was brutally murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson in Brentwood, CA on June 12th, 1994. Although O.J. Simpson was acquitted by a jury in the criminal case, he was found responsible for the crimes in a civil case which awarded the Goldmans a judgment of $19 million.

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