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Sad, Scared, Confused is a conversation between a nine year old boy and his parents about sexual abuse. This book can be a resource to educate all children about sexual abuse whether they have experienced it or not. It can be a tool to prevent sexual abuse as well as an aid in guiding conversations and healing when abuse has occurred. The child in the book is very relatable. Alex likes playing video games, shooting hoops and eating ice cream. He's not a fan of keeping his room clean, but he wants to feel safe in his home and elsewhere. He likes his teacher and friends at school, but he loves his summer break even more This summer, however, would be different. This summer he experienced sexual abuse. Although Alex had learned about sexual abuse at school and from his parents, he did not understand what it was when it happened to him. When his best friend's older brother touched him in a way that made him feel sad, scared and confused, Alex did not realize that it was sexual abuse and that it was not okay. When his parents noticed that Alex was acting differently than normal, they were concerned. Their son, who was normally excited to eat his favorite fried fish for dinner and tell them about his adventures for the day, was instead sitting quietly in his room. Alex was determined to keep "the secret." Kenny's older brother told him not to tell anyone and Alex was afraid of what might happen if he did. Even though it was not easy for him, his parents told him that he was very brave, that they would keep him safe and that they would always love him. I wrote this book just as much for children as I did for the adults who love them. Parents are always navigating their course when raising their children. When sexual abuse happens, it may seem like an unexpected detour but it does not mean that your boat will sink. How you respond to your child's experience can help get you and them back on course. Whether your intention is to teach your child about preventing sexual abuse or if you are helping your child heal from being sexually abused, this book and the conversation starters included in it can be useful tools. Let's face it, talking about sexual abuse can be uncomfortable, but reading a book together may make the experience easier. It is my sincere hope that your communication with the child you love can be stronger, your conversations deeper and your knowledge of sexual abuse increased through sharing this book. I believe there is no greater act of love than reading with a child.

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ISBN: 9780578708089
ISBN-10: 0578708086
Publisher: Amy LeDoux
Publication Date: June 12th, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English