Jews, Antisemitism and Culture in Vienna By Ivar Oxaal (Editor), Michael Pollak (Editor), Gerhard Botz (Editor) Cover Image
By Ivar Oxaal (Editor), Michael Pollak (Editor), Gerhard Botz (Editor)
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Originally published in 1987, this book explores the emergence, structure and ultimate fate of the Viennese Jewish community. Thirteen eminent specialists on Viennese social, political and cultural history combine to cover a wide variety of topics, including the social and psychological causes of the highly successful and intellectually creative position held by the Jewish community as a minority within the larger Viennese society. They also analyse the conservative politics of the pre-1914 Jewish community, and their relationship both to Zionism and to Austro-Marxism. The book also traces the continuities with the past in interwar Austria and analyse the stages leading to the expulsion, expropriation and annihilation of the Jews in Nazi-dominated Austria. The book concludes with an examination of post-Holocaust antisemitism in Vienna.

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ISBN: 9780367461287
ISBN-10: 0367461285
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English