Working with Sexual Attraction in Psychotherapy Practice and Supervision: A Humanistic-Relational Approach Cover Image
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Working with Sexual Attraction in Psychotherapy Practice and Supervision addresses some of the challenges associated with sexual attraction in psychotherapy practice and supervision, as well as within services, and helps therapists, supervisors, and managers to navigate them with openness and self-reflection.

The book focuses on practical and applied issues, using a relational humanistic-integrative theoretical approach as a backdrop for understanding. Split into three parts, it deals with issues related to clinical practice, supervision and ethical issues. Chapters support in-depth exploration in all three arenas of practice and are completed by editors providing a reflective summary.

Enriched with case examples and research written by senior relational practitioners, the book will be beneficial to therapists, supervisors, and service managers in the field of psychotherapy.

About the Author

Biljana van Rijn is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and an author. She works at Metanoia Institute in London, where she heads a Faculty for Research Strategy and Innovation, and teaches. She also practices as a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist and Supervisor, and a Counselling Psychologist. Biljana has established a long-standing research clinic at Metanoia Institute with an emphasis on routine outcomes evaluation of humanistic and integrative psychotherapies.Jasenka Lukac-Greenwood is a Chartered Psychologist and an Integrative Psychotherapist, working in a variety of self-employed roles: as a therapist in private practice, as a visiting lecturer, and as an organisational consultant and coach. She has a particular interest in understanding and working with gender dynamics at work, which instigated her doctoral research and inspired this book.

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ISBN: 9780367250768
ISBN-10: 0367250764
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: July 27th, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English