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FINALIST FOR THE LOCUS AWARD • The second novel in the legendary and magical New York Times bestselling series featuring dragons, adventure, romance, and heroism, from Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author Anne McCaffrey
“Pern was one of the first fantasy worlds I fell into, and I am forever grateful.”—Leigh Bardugo, author of Ninth House
Lessa and her golden queen dragon may have given their world a fighting chance against the deadly Thread by bringing several hundred dragons and their riders forward in time, but this has also caused other problems to arise. The Oldtimers, as they are known, are having a difficult time adjusting to their more modern world, and tensions are rising. Worse, Threadfall is becoming more unpredictable, which makes it harder to combat.
Inspired by Lessa’s example, brown dragonrider F’nor hatches a bold plan to cut through these growing tensions by destroying the Thread at its source: the mysterious Red Star. But his quest to go where no man—or dragon—has gone before will risk not only his life, but the heart of a woman who has already lost far more than she can bear. 
Don’t miss the original trilogy from Anne McCaffrey’s beloved Dragonriders of Pern series:

About the Author

Anne McCaffrey, one of the world’s most popular authors, is best known for her Dragonriders of Pern® series. She was the first woman to win the two top prizes for science fiction writing, the Hugo and Nebula awards. She was also given the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Literary Achievement in Young Adult Fiction, was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and was named a Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1926, McCaffrey relocated to Ireland in the 1970s, where she lived in a house of her own design, named Dragonhold-Underhill. She died in 2011.

Praise For…

Praise for Anne McCaffrey and her Dragonriders of Pern series
“I encountered Dragonflight at the age of eleven and was immediately charmed. Since then, I’ve read many, many more of Anne McCaffrey’s books, and the feeling of Real Magic has never gone away.”—Diana Gabaldon, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books forever changed how readers looked at dragons—not just fearsome beasts to be slain, but bonded warrior partners. She taught a very young me that there was nothing cooler than a dragon you could ride, a dragon that could read your thoughts, that the mastery of a dragon was, basically, the best thing that could happen to you. Combine that with the wonderful world-building of Pern and her unforgettable characters and you get books that shaped a generation and more of fantasy writers. She was a true original.”—Cassandra Clare, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“Anne McCaffrey is one of the titans of this genre, and one of my favorite authors of all time.  If you’re reading this, these books are worth your time. Full stop.”—Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series was the formative series for me growing up. My best friend and I would spend hours each day pretending we lived in Pern. The world building opened my eyes to what fantasy could be; the characters introduced me to women in roles of power; and the romances left my young heart aflutter. No series has ever captured my imagination so completely as Pern did.”—Susan Dennard, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchlands Series

“I grew up reading the Dragonriders of Pern, and they sparked a lifelong love of dragons and dragonriders. Many times as a kid, I would imagine myself on the back of Ramoth, Mnementh, and especially Ruth, soaring through the skies, fighting Thread, and saving the world. Nowadays, the characters are different, as my own dragon stories have been written and published, but echoes of Pern can be found in every one of them.”—Julie Kagawa, New York Times bestselling author of The Iron Fey

“Pern was the birthplace of fantasy in the hearts of so many readers of my generation, and was the first (and only) fandom I was able to fully share with my mother.  I dreamt of Harper Hall and fire lizards of my own all the way up to high school.  These books were trailblazers, and the land they charted remains as gripping and innovative today as it was upon its discovery.  We owe a lot to Pern.”—Seanan McGuire, New York Times bestselling author

“Pern is where dragon riding was conceived, and fifty years later, Anne McCaffrey’s epic tale remains a masterpiece of adventure, intrigue, and romance!”—Danielle L. Jensen, New York Times bestselling author of A Fate Inked in Blood

“Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels are truly foundational books. The seeds of every dragonrider story are here, if not of every take on magical bonding. They carried me away as a young reader, and I hope they'll do so for new readers now.”—Naomi Novik, author of the Temeraire series

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ISBN: 9780345335081
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Publisher: Del Rey
Publication Date: October 13th, 1986
Pages: 384
Language: English
Series: Pern