The Child's Right to Play: A Global Approach Cover Image
By Rhonda L. Clements (Editor), Leah Fiorentino (Editor)
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Clements, Fiorentino, and their contributors focus on the right of every child to experience the joy and developmental benefits derived from play. The volume brings together national and international specialists in the areas of early childhood and play leadership as well as playground manufacturers, parks and recreation directors, architects and landscape architects, child care providers, child life specialists, movement and physical educators, and parent advocates of play.

Clements and Fiorentino offer readers contemporary thoughts from more than 60 national and international specialists in the areas of early childhood and play leadership, brain research and educational psychology, as well as playground specialists, child life specialists, movement and physical educators. All works reflect the contributors' commitment to the belief in education through play or play for its own sake. The contributors also confirm the belief that play, along with the basic needs of nutrition, health, shelter, and education is vital to the development of all children.

This collection is divided into five parts: Part One addresses topics of special interest to parents and caregivers concerning definitions and the importance of play. Part Two offers information concerning curriculum development, programming, and several academic teaching issues. Topics reflecting the child's props, playthings, and play environments are blended together in Part Three. Part Four offers indepth chapters linking current research connecting brain and learning with play. Part Five contains an overview of the importance and right of all children to play.

About the Author

RHONDA L. CLEMENTS is a Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences within the School of Education at Hofstra University, where she coordinates the Graduate Physical Education program. She is the author of seven boks on the topic of play, games, and movement activities for preschool and elementary school physical education and is crrently the president of the American Association for the Child's Right to Play (IPA/USA).LEAH HOLLAND FIORENTINO is an Associate Professor in the Department of Movement Sciences and Physical Education at Adelphi University. She is the author of several articles on the implementation of technological applications to the teacher/coach preparation system.

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