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In elementary school, I was crazy about THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS mystery adventures, but there was a problem: the series, published between 1953 and 1969, was out of print. Because the books couldn’t be found in stores, I had to be patient, collecting second-hand copies found through friends and book fairs. Fortunately, an incredible 11 million HAPPY HOLLISTER books had been sold in the ‘50s and ‘60s. With that many out there, I eventually completed the set, all 33 volumes.

In recent years the author’s family has been publishing THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS again, and Interabang Books has added them to our children’s book section. We are proud to be the first retail bookstore to carry the relaunched series. As of December 2019, all 33 HOLLISTER mysteries have been reprinted in colorful paperbacks that contain the original illustrations by Helen S. Hamilton and the text by Jerry West, the pen name of Andrew Svenson.