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A Message To Our Loyal Customers

Guest Article by: 
Nancy Perot
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Dear loyal friends of Interabang,

All of us at the store are so deeply touched by the outpouring of support we have received from the Dallas community. The offers to help have been coming from all over the metroplex and the country and we can assure you that WE WILL BE BACK--AND SOON!

While the damage from Sunday night's storm devastated the store, Interabang Books is bigger than its physical location. No one on our staff was hurt and our hearts go out to those in Dallas who sustained serious loss and injury. Books can be replaced and a new store can be rebuilt-- and that process is already underway.

We will soon be finalzing a temporary new location. In the meantime, here is how you can be of help:

1) order your books online from Interabang (insert link here) and ask your friends to do the same. There is no disruption in our online business at all. 

2) enroll in Libro.FM if you are on audio book listener. Enroll through the Interabang website and a portion of all sales goes to the store. We have the same offerings as Audible and you are supporting your local business. 

3) be sure you are signed up on our website so that we can reach you with updates on our reopening. 

Thank you for your loyalty and your support of our mission to enrich the literary life of Dallas. 

Chapter One ended all too soon and certainly with a "BANG" -- join us as we embark upon an exciting Chapter Two!

With gratitude,

Nancy Perot

Owner, Interabang Books