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Everything You Should Know About Interabang Podcast

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Interabang Books is excited to present Interabang Podcast, a weekly show featuring all things literature, from author interviews to book recommendations, and more. Here are the five things you should know about Interabang Podcast.

1) Interabang Books is the only independent bookstore in the United States with a weekly podcast. Our goal is clear: create a beautiful, insightful, and consistent window to the literary world so that you can experience Interabang Books wherever you go. We want you to feel the same warmth and wonder you find while browsing the shelves in our store. Above all, we want you to know you’re in good hands, and that we’re excited to have you aboard.

2) Everyone you hear on the podcast works at Interabang Books. Hosted by Digital Marketing Coordinator Jack Freeman, Interabang Podcast features conversations, recommendations, and commentary by the book experts at Interabang Books. We love talking about books, and the podcast is the perfect platform from which we can share our enthusiasm with the community. You can come visit us in the store to chat about the latest episode— the podcast is a conversation between the store, the community, and the literary world!

3) Find interviews with your favorite authors that you can’t find anywhere else. The heart of Interabang Podcast is our regular interviews with authors about their new books. We’re proud to feature interviews with both new and veteran authors whose work is beautiful, insightful, and empathetic. And since most of our interviews are with authors who will visit the store soon, you can often come listen to these fantastic artists talk about their work in person.

4) We’ll give you excellent book recommendations every week. Diverse and unique book recommendations are hard to come by. As book-lovers we understand the struggle to find worthwhile reads in today’s deluge of books. We believe the best way to find out about the most interesting new releases and hidden classics is by word-of-mouth. That’s why we feature book recommendations in every episode, provided by the book experts at Interabang Books.

5) New episodes are posted every week. You can easily subscribe to our podcast on SoundCloud and, coming soon, iTunes. Otherwise, you can catch new episodes posted here on our website and shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.