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10 Things You Should Know about Interabang Books

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One of the most exciting things about opening a new bookstore? Talking with the readers who enter our doors! We’ve loved meeting readers from near and far who’ve dropped by to talk about books, browse our shelves, and attend book signings. Of course, many people are curious about the new bookstore. Why are you here? What makes you different? Are you the only Interabang Books in town? These are all excellent questions! So, in anticipation of our grand opening weekend on September 9-11 (which we hope you’ll attend!), we wanted to answer your most pressing questions about Interabang Books. Without further ado, here are ten things you should know about Dallas’ newest independent bookstore:

We are locally owned and operated.

Our owner, Nancy, co-owner, Lori, and general manager, Jeremy, are all Dallas residents. They came together last year with the dream of bringing the city a general independent bookstore that serves the community by selling fine literature and fostering a lively dialogue about great ideas.

We’re one of a kind.

There’s only one Interabang Books. Period. The store is run by a small but dedicated staff of booksellers who do everything from buying the books that fill our shelves to marketing our author events to working behind the registers selling you the best literature around.

Our booksellers read the books we sell.

Talk with any bookseller in the store and you’ll quickly learn that he or she is an avid reader. Our children’s book buyer, Lisa, keeps up-to-date on the latest children’s books, including everything from young adult dystopian fiction to middle grade adventure stories to beautifully illustrated picture books. Our adult book buyer, Lori, not only loves translated literature, she’s a board member of the National Book Critics Circle and a freelance literary critic. All of our booksellers have varied interests, from poetry to literary nonfiction to graphic novels, and we use our knowledge and expertise when choosing the books for our shelves.

You can ask us for a recommendation!

We love using our knowledge and excitement about books to recommend titles! Whether you’re looking for a nonfiction book about the impact of technology on the brain, a character-driven novel written with beautiful prose, or a cookbook that explores the flavors of Texas, one of our staff will have a recommendation for you.

We’re organizing a lineup of first rate authors to visit the store.

Interabang is more than a bookstore -- it’s also an event space for authors from around the country to talk about the ideas behind their books and sign copies in the store. From the day we opened, we began hosting book signings and we’re already planning events for next year. In addition to our book signings, we host other literary-themed events that include everything from our monthly book club to parties celebrating major books-related holidays like Texas Bookstore Day and Banned Books Week.

Consider us a store for kids.

We have a large children’s book section with books for kids of all ages -- little tykes, middle schoolers, and teens. Our children’s events coordinator, Melanie, leads a weekly story time for younger kids and a monthly young adult book club for teens and pre-teens. We also host an array of kid-friendly events, from book signings by children’s authors to literary-themed activities. We’re dedicated to children’s literacy and hope you’ll consider us a store for your kids to explore and follow their imaginations.

You can find books you can’t find elsewhere.

All the books on our shelves are curated by our talented book buyers with input from the booksellers. We sell books featured on the bestseller lists, but we also sell books written by talented authors who are lesser known. At Interabang, you’ll find great books you’ve never heard of.

You can order books from us.

Have a book you’d like to buy but can’t find it in the store? We can order it for you! Most of our books arrive at the store in three to five business days. Plus, you can purchase books, audiobooks, and ebooks on our website.

By supporting us, you invest in the literary community in Dallas and beyond.

By investing in Interabang, you’re also investing in the city of Dallas and the literary community here and beyond. You ensure we’re around to bring great authors to the city for book signings and host other literary events for kids and adults alike. All our events are free and open to the public! By purchasing your books at Interabang, you’re playing a critical role in the intellectual and cultural vitality of our home.

Our name embodies the store vision.

The name of the store, Interabang Books, comes from an old printmaker’s term. The interabang is a punctuation mark that combines a question mark and an exclamation point in a single symbol. When we were discussing our vision for the store, “discovery” and “excitement” were words that came up again and again. The interabang symbol exemplified our essential idea. Our hope is you’ll find books that spark your curiosity and excitement every time you enter the store.