Meet Ishita

When I was four, I was a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding. Trouble was, I really didn’t want to walk down the aisle. It was only after my mom promised me that I could sit and read a new book during the ceremony that I relented. To this day, my aunt has the picture of me curled up in a chair in my flower girl outfit reading instead of paying attention to the ceremony.

That’s how I’ve always been, perfectly content to curl up for hours on end in a chair with a good book for company. A good book for me is one that has an engaging plot and diverse characters. For this, I’ve been drawn toward science fiction and fantasy since the characters are less limited by the normal conventions of humanity. I also love YA for its commitment to #OwnVoices literature. As a woman of color, I believe it’s important to have heroes and heroines that reflect the diversity of America. However, I think any genre has the capability of being great—from children’s books to romance to literary fiction—so I don’t limit myself by genre.

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